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Stay in our Hotel (PJ Hotel)

PJ Hotel is beautiful, a homely, stylish and above all a Christian hotel located in Addis Ababa. PG hotel offers quality services with Christian integration and serving with a Christian hospitality with staff who work truly living and serving for Christ our Lord.

PJ Hoel is adjacent to and integrated with our church and as well as being a resting place, Man of God prophet Jeremiah prays with guests, devotions, Jesus TV is live 24 hours in every room, and worship is a regular pattern of PJ Hotel. It has comfortable accommodations with enough rooms, probably the only hotel which doesn't serve alcohol drinks, yet you will be served with European standard dish.

Come to PJ hotel and experience God's presence along with your stay!

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  • Branch : Bole Branch
  • State : Ethiopia
  • Swift Code : BERHETAA

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Account : 2600010003122
Swift Code : BERHETAA

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